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Welcome to Informatica Innovation—two parts engineering lab, one part
dream factory. Take a look at some of the projects we're working on.

Project Springbok
  • Imagine a quick and easy way for anyone within your organization to take data from one source and accurately bring it together with another—even if both sets of data are formatted differently. What if they could also manipulate and enrich these data sets using a familiar and intuitive interface so they didn't have to learn a complicated new piece of software or require a lot of IT hand-holding ?
  • Business user-friendly
    Project Springbok's predictive system empowers business users to easily merge their data sets to get the answers they need—all without the need to rely on IT.
    • Create ad hoc data for analytics from any data set
    • Data manipulation without any technical expertise
    • Leverage crowd-source intelligence to get questions answered
    IT approved
    No one has championed Project Springbok more than the IT partners we've shared it with. They've quickly recognized what a dramatic shift this will be in how they engage with business teams.
    • Understand what data is resonating with business decision makers
    • Proactively provision data to business professionals before they ask
    • Distribute to a centralized source of data for business consumption
  • Early reactions ?
    "Businesses are demanding faster, easier approaches to visualize and understand their data. Project Springbok improves data access and data quality for business users, making it a great complement to our datavisualization tools."
    "Our customers understand that there's more involved than just seeing the data. It's about the truly important insights they uncover with technology that can accelerate their instincts to discover naturally."

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  • We asked professionals whose job is protecting their organization's most important data: "What keeps you up at night?" Not surprisingly, most replied: "Not knowing where sensitive or confidential data is kept." In this day and age, data lives everywhere; keeping track of it all—let alone securing it—is getting harder and vastly more complicated. But what if you could do that with a few taps of your finger?
  • Real world problems
    With the advent of Big Data and the move to mobile devices and the cloud accelerating, the problems of data security are only getting thornier.
    • The definition of the network perimeter is constantly changing
    • More users need access to the data, no matter where they are
    • The pace of technology is evolving faster than IT can keep up
    A real world solution
    It's not enough for a solution to be elegant and easy to use, it also has to be powerful, flexible and battle-tested.
    • Built on a platform that enables classification and policies at the source
    • Not dependent on how data gets proliferated, accessed or where it persists
    • Developed by a company with deep domain expertise in data management and data-centric security